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Family Guy Porn Story: Gang Bang!! part two – Brian gets a boner and an idea

Family Guy Porn Story: Gang Bang!! part two – Brian gets a boner and an idea

Brian was wandering around the Griffin’s backyard, sniffing and pissing and thinking about Lois. It had been more than a week since Brian had finally gotten the chance to fuck her. He managed to get her high on some really fine California skunk weed he picked up from Quagmire. You really couldn’t blame him for taking advantage of the situation after she had let it slip in conversation that she got really horny after smoking good weed. And, she said with a dreamy look in her eyes, how it would be “sooooo nice” to try some really good stuff again sometime. Brian got lucky (in more ways than one) when he found some mind boggling shit. It had cost him, but it was so worth it. The memory of how she had cum over and over while he was buried inside her still made him hard. He wanted her again. Bad.
But, as luck would have it, Peter had been home all week and would be for some time to come because of some fuck-up on the job that got him suspended from work for a whole month! “God what a moron,” Brian thought. Worse was all the fucking Peter and Lois did while Peter was home. Since Peter had nothing to do all day but hang around the house, he filled the time he had by filling Lois. It drove Brian crazy to hear Lois moan in the heat of sexual passion. She was a moaner all right and her moans filled the house! And all he could do was beat off to ease the frustration now that Jillian was gone! Oh sure, he had gone out with a few women after he and Jillian had broke up, but nothing serious materialized. And the dating scene! Don’t get him started! But he had to hand it to Peter. Sure, Peter was a fat, middle-aged idiot, but he sure could fuck.
As Brian made his way around the yard, stopping every so often to sniff and lift his leg, he became aware of voices coming from Lois and Peter’s open bedroom window. Brian quietly walked over and peeked inside. The curtains were open and he could see inside clearly. He watched as Peter made Lois undress while he sat on the edge of the bed and enjoyed the show. Brian could feel himself harden as Lois slipped out of her bra to reveal her large, heavy breasts tipped with big, round nipples that were themselves hardening with excitement. God! How he wanted to lick and suck on those beauties! Torpedo tits, that’s what they were. Torpedo tits! Her ass was round and still firm, her stomach still trim, but a small roll of flab was threatening to expose itself. Lois still looked good Brian thought, even at her age and after three kids. She was showing some signs of age sure, but it only served to give her a more relaxed and slightly slutty look. She never wore a bra anymore and god did it drive him crazy to watch her big tits swing and her nipples harden under the flimsy tops she normally wore around the house!
In the meantime as Brian watched, Peter had Lois kneel before him, unzip his pants and pull out his very large and thick cock. Brian was instantly jealous when he saw Peter’s fat cock and Lois’s reaction to it. She took the throbbing member in her hand with obvious excitement, licked her lips and asked Peter for permission to suck. She then began to vigorously suck and lick Peter’s long, thick pole. Peter leaned back, grabbed Lois by the back of her head and guided her mouth down while he thrust his hips upward to drive his cock deeper into her incredibly wet and warm mouth. As Brian watched, he remembered the exquisite sensation of Lois’s mouth on his own cock and how she took his entire length sucking and slurping it all the way down! And how she used her lips, throat and mouth to suck him to orgasm. He groaned audibly at the recollection causing Peter to look up. Brian dove to the ground to hide. Peter, not seeing anything amiss, went back to fucking Lois’s mouth. Brian, afraid to move, clung to the ground and held his breath fearing to make any sound that would reveal his location. After a few minutes he heard Peter groan and knew that he was cumming. He also heard Lois’s muffled moans as she eagerly sucked and swallowed as Peter shot load after load deep into her mouth and throat. She was such a cum whore, Brian thought as his own cock began to harden yet again.
Peter wasn’t finished however, and Brian soon heard the rhythmic thumping of skin on skin and Lois’s low moans as Peter drove his still raging flesh pole deep into her wet and eager pussy. Regaining his courage, Brian stood and peeked in the window. Lois was on all fours, her heavy breasts swinging, her eyes glazed over, her mouth slightly open and her face contorted with the unmistakable look of sexual ecstasy and desire. Peter ploughed her from behind, his cock working in and out like a piston, his heavy balls slapping her ass as he thrust. He had a handful of her hair and pulled her head back as he rode her. Her groans intensified and Brian could see the juice from Lois’s sopping cunt drip down her leg as she begged Peter to fuck her harder. Both Lois and Peter were sweating like pigs and grunting like animals as Peter complied with his wanton wife’s request and fucked her even faster and harder. Brian felt another pang of jealousy as well as sexual excitement, as he saw and heard Lois’s pleasure from the fucking Peter was administering to her. Brian had always figured Peter to be nothing more than a buffoon, but he obviously had talent in the sack.
Brian watched as Peter flipped Lois onto her back, raised her legs with one hand until her ankles were around her ears while he used his other hand to guide his fat cock back into her sopping pussy. Peter positioned Lois’s knees over his shoulders and began to thrust his still engorged tool deep inside her. By the look on her face, it was clear that Lois was beginning to cum and Brian began to stroke his own cock as Lois nearly screamed, “Oh Peta, oh Peta, ohhhhhhhh Pppppeeeettttaaa!!!!” Brian watched as her body stiffened and her toes curled. He almost groaned himself as she began to buck and shudder from the force of her orgasm. Brian knew from his own experience that her pussy was contracting powerfully on Peter’s cock, milking him as Peter came again, this time filling her pussy with a hot load of cum.
Peter, exhausted, rolled over and began to snore loudly. Lois lay quietly, eyes closed, catching her breath. She felt a deep relaxation spread through her body and soon she too was sleeping. “I’ve got to have her again,” Brian thought. And at that moment he concocted a plan to do just that as he stood at the window watching the nude Lois, legs still spread and cum dripping from her pussy, as she quietly slept. She wore a smile of contentment on her face, oblivious to the fate in store for her, or perhaps she did know and was blissfully dreaming about her fate at that moment.

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